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Changes within the commercial real estate market have prompted many new questions. Accurate area calculations of properties are more crucial than ever. Rent, operating expenses and purchase price are all based on a per-square-foot (psf) basis. We have found that commercial properties are, on average, 5% larger than reported. How? The use of poor measurement practices and incorrect use of measurement standards Property managers need leases based on accurate rentable square footage (RSF). Property owners and REITs need to know the true gross square footage (GSF) of a possible purchase. Stop throwing money away and maximize ROI!

American Building Calculations, members of the BOMA Measurement Standards Committee, are the experts at area calculations. Rest easy knowing that area calculations from American Building Calculations are precise, account for all of the GSF and RSF within your property, and are backed by standards such as BOMA and IFMA. Contact us today.


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