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What is the current state of your property?  Are your plans current?  Do they show the correct interior configuration? Do you only have paper plans and need AutoCAD plans or a BIM of your property?  Are you looking at a build-out/remodel?  Do you know the acutal size of all of the interior and exterior spaces. What about the exact location of doors, windows, electrical outlets? Is the site really the square footage that is reported? Are the tax rolls correct? You need an accurate starting point to accomplish an efficient and timely remodel.

Existing Condition Surveys from American Buildings Calculations are the solution you are looking for. Using our laser scanning process, we are able to produce Existing Conditions Surveys in a fraction of the time and with greater accuracy than traditional methods. We ensure that before the first plans are drawn or contracts signed, you will have the data you need to minimze the loss of money and time. 


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